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Culture CoLab was set up in Ranchi, and has created a presence in Deoghar and Jamshedpur, to develop solutions for low-income, technologically marginalized communities. In our short journey, we have been fortunate to work on projects that helped us explore the above aim and also expand it.

We are forever hungry for innovation and choose to focus our energies primarily on the following domains: education, livelihoods, micro-entrepreneurship, and digital technologies. We picked up a variety of design innovation projects that steer us in this direction. We have now narrowed our focus to access to and empowerment through digital technologies.

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Our doing is based on three concepts - think, make, impact.

To think is to have clarity on what goals we want to achieve and how we want to achieve them. All our projects are based on principles of design thinking and respect for the ecosystem. We root our solutions in the context rather than expecting the context to suit our solution. People and places are part of larger ecosystems that come with their own constraints and strengths. In our work, we are very mindful of these.

Make is a simple process of learning by doing. We like getting our hands dirty. Rooted in the concepts of lean innovation and rapid prototyping, our projects are always being polished and strengthened by our user's experience. Taking a cue from the model developed by IDEO

, we follow an iterative process of inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Bringing diverse perspectives from all stakeholders at every stage of the process plays a crucial role in the design process. Iteration is a favourite word (and process).

For us, the community we work with is not just a user but a co-creator. We start with the frequently-proven-right assumption that any community is a rich source of creativity and innovation. We try to learn from the community and assist them in coming up with solutions.


At CoLab, we recognise that these are not linear processes, though it often is simpler to explain them such. The truth is we often find ourselves in a back and forth waltz between think, make, and impact.




Culture CoLab can be broken up into 3 parts- Culture + Co + Lab. ‘Lab’ because we believe in experimentation and embrace failure as part of the learning process. ‘Co’ because we believe in co-creation and co-development; we try to make our target community a participant in the design process. ‘Culture’ because we believe that the best innovations are those that become part of, mould, and are moulded by the culture of the target community. We strive to bring the above concepts together in all the work we do.